December 7, 2023

SUZUKA, Japan — Red Bull has won its sixth constructors’ championship in its 19-year history and broken the record for securing the title with the most races remaining.

Max Verstappen sealed the team’s crown in style, winning the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka — the team’s 15th victory of the season — by 19.4s from his nearest rival, Lando Norris.

It means Red Bull has been crowned the constructors’ champions with six races remaining, beating the record of five races remaining held by McLaren since 1988 and equalled by Ferrari in 2004. However, the records are not a direct comparison as there are 22 races in this year’s championship and there were just 16 in 1988 and 18 in 2004.

It is also the eighth time Honda has supplied engines to a team that has won the constructors’ title — an achievement that held even greater resonance by being secured at the Japanese company’s home circuit, Suzuka.

Technically, the engines supplied to Red Bull by Honda are badged as Red Bull Powertrains, but the vast majority of the components continue to be built in Japan.

While not as prestigious as the drivers’ title, the constructors’ championship is linked to prize money paid out by Formula One and often comes with significant monetary bonuses for team members.

“Max that was absolutely fantastic,” Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said over the radio after Verstappen crossed the line. “You were 19.4s ahead of the rest of the field and that wins our sixth constructors’ championship.”

Verstappen responded: “What an unbelievable championship we are having. You can all be very proud back at the factory and here at the track. You’ve given me a rocket ship of a car.”

It is Red Bull’s second consecutive constructors’ championship after the team ended an eight-year drought last season with its victory at the U.S. Grand Prix.

The 2023 season has been the Red Bull’s most dominant to date, with 15 wins from 16 races up to this point. Its hope of a perfect season evaporated at the Singapore Grand Prix last weekend when Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz became the first non-Red Bull driver this year to win a grand prix this year.

Verstappen’s victory also puts him on the brink of becoming a three-time champion, with his only remaining title rival, teammate Sergio Perez, needing to outscore him by six points at the sprint race in Qatar to prevent him becoming champion. If he fails, it will be the first time a champion has been crowned at a sprint race rather than after a grand prix.

Verstappen has won 13 races this year, including a record run of 10 from Miami in May to Monza earlier this month.

The battle for second place in the constructors’ championship remains in the balance with Mercedes currently second, 20 points ahead of Ferrari in third and 84 points clear of Aston Martin in fourth. McLaren’s double-podium in Suzuka means it is now 49 points off Aston Martin.

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